About Us

Horizon Institute’s program empowers its students to:

  • Graduate with their cohorts
  • Make meaningful choices about their individualized pathways to graduation
  • Show measurable growth in English Language Arts and Mathematics proficiency
  • Develop the foundational knowledge and life skills for success beyond high school

Academic success for our students is supported by employing Florida-certified teachers and administrators; implementing nontraditional scheduling, blended learning, small-group instruction, individualized instruction and appropriate access to technology and convenient; and by providing in-person campus locations around the City of Jacksonville. Students participate in a thorough orientation process and receive the support of an experienced Student Services Department. Our core beliefs shape the Horizon Institute program:

  • A high school diploma is essential, and it opens the world of possibilities for young people.
  • There are many “right” pathways to achieve this end goal.
  • The community wins when we invest our resources into helping every child succeed at her or his best pace.
  • Every student can excel if their physical, social, emotional and academic needs are met.
  • Every student deserves a chance – or a second chance – to be her or his best self.

Vision: Our vision is expressed well in author Maya Angelou’s statement, “The horizon leans forward offering you a space to place new steps of change.” Secondary school achievement and post-secondary success are on the horizon for academically at-risk students who enroll at the Horizon Institute.

Mission: Horizon Institute accommodates diverse needs without compromising high standards of academics, attendance or behavior. The educational team promises to deliver a strong foundation of academic content and skills alongside impactful career guidance. The school’s caring team also acknowledges the personal circumstances that bring students to the moment when they require the services of a dropout prevention program.