Handbook and Policies

Horizon Institute Handbook and Policies

At the Horizon Institute, we pride ourselves in educating the whole child. We offer multiple locations that meet students close to where they live. Every student learns in an environment that is physically safe and academically rigorous. Technology-driven curriculum, an educational team experienced in alternative education, innovative educational methods, flexible scheduling and multiple pathways to graduation make the Horizon Institute distinct. Our goal is to ensure students receive the foundation they need for secondary and then post-secondary success.

We offer a balanced academic approach to include English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies along with career and educational guidance. In Horizon’s alternative education learning environment, students excel with the Florida ACCEL diploma (18 credits). Students accelerate the diploma process – and opportunity – at the Horizon Institute.

We are committed to getting to know your child, and we look forward to building personal relationships so that we can foster individual strengths and abilities. Please read our handbook that covers policies and procedures as to get the most out of your educational experience while enrolled with the Horizon Institute