High School

At the Horizon Institute, you will find that our team meets high school students where they are right now. We use proven methodologies that match young people's academic strengths and personal interests with real-life career paths. Students become engaged in building their best selves through intensive academic support, career and technical education (CTE), social-emotional learning and access to educational technology on campus and at home.

The Horizon Institute operates with a shorter school day than used in traditional programs, and we offer flexible course schedules. A centralized downtown campus and a free bus pass with JTA will make travel to and from school convenient. The school will add satellite campuses off the i-295 highway as demand for our program grows. These elements are all designed to improve school attendance. Thomas Edison spoke about the importance of showing up: "The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn't like to do."

The Horizon Institute uses its own highly qualified classroom teachers to deliver Florida-approved Edgenuity curriculum and assessments. We use a method called Blended Learning, which brings together the best strategies and outcomes of in-person and online instruction.

Our students are provided the tools and guidance to graduate with the 18-credit ACCEL diploma. ACCEL stands for “Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning.” This diploma requires 4 credits in English; 4 credits in Math, 3 credits in Science, 3 credits in Social Studies, 3 credits in electives, which may include skills-based courses including CTE, and 1 credit in the Arts.

Students who gain ground through course recovery may re-enroll in a traditional school program, which includes public, public charter or private, and then graduate with a standard Florida diploma that is 18 or 24 credits.

Graduation coaching at the Horizon Institute ensures that all of our young people have the needed resources for success in and beyond high school.