Middle School

The Horizon Institute is designed around flexibility and meeting individualized needs. Our middle school team strives to catch students up to the age-appropriate grade level as quickly as possible. Students who successfully complete grade recovery may re-enroll in a public, public charter or private school program by the time they ready to begin their high school experience.

Our team seeks to understand why a young student is struggling in traditional school programs. Our staff performs an academic needs-based assessment for each child. All decisions about the academic level are driven by expert collection and analysis of data. Baseline data for math and language arts are measured via iXL and Achieve3000. We consistently monitor progress with iXL, Achieve3000, Reading Plus and Edgenuity's My Path, among other tools and curricular resources.

The literacy program is at the foundation of our middle school program. We understand that we fuel a drive to learn when we focus on building language competency at every turn in the learning process. Our youngest students may also take part in service learning, during which they purposefully interact with people in and from the community. Our educational team engages students to become active learners. “Active learning embraces teaching and learning strategies that engage and involve students in the learning process. Students find new and creative ways to solve problems, achieve success, and become lifelong learners when educators show them that there are different ways to learn.”

Horizon Institute teachers implement educational technology for assessments and to individualize instruction. Middle school students benefit from one-to-one technology access in school, and they have the opportunity to use computers, tablets or hotspots at home, as required for their success.