Student Services

Life Skills Inventory

New steps for change require the development of life skills. Our Student Services team will support students with resources about building and maintaining healthy relationships; implementing effective study habits; using public transit; cooking and cleaning; budgeting; and the productive and safe use of computers and mobile technology. Life skills education will vary based on the needs of the students enrolled in our program.

Career Exploration

Students who 16 years or older will participate in the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. This program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Its mission is to provide a career exploration service to American youth and provide qualified leads to military recruiters. Participants at the Horizon Institute will have no obligation to talk to a military recruiter or to enter military service, but our students will be able to use their scores and the program’s resources to match academic skills to their personal interests to discover career path that would be fulfilling, profitable and productive. “The ASVAB CEP promotes career literacy through exposure to career-field entry requirements and future-oriented planning tools to help students develop an action plan to share with parents and educators” (ASVAB, 2021).

Graduation Coaching

All high school students will participate in individualized coaching by teachers and administration to ensure they are on the path to graduation. Students will be able to graduate our program with the ACCEL diploma, which is an 18-credit, Florida-approved alternative pathway. Those who complete their diploma at the Horizon Institute will leave with a set plan for post-secondary success, which may be a paid job, enrollment in a CTE program, an internship, or enrollment in a college. High school students who have recovered needed course credits will always have the option to re-enroll in a public, public charter or private school, where they may choose to finish out an 18- or 24-credit Florida-approved diploma.

JTA-School Partnership

All Horizon Institute students may receive a free bus pass to be used on Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) bus routes throughout the city. This partnership between JTA and our school assists families who have early/late work schedules or who do not have access to a car. We want to ensure that all students who are considered at-risk in Duval County have convenient access to the Horizon Institute campuses. For JTA bus passes, please see the front desk at your campus.

Breakfast and Lunch

More information is to come about the food services program.